Present Source Affiliates

All of these are people I either have worked with, trained with or am seeking opportunities to work with now. Many have been my coach, teacher, or mentor, and all have provided inspiration, direction, and unconditional support. You may find the work one of them does speak to you and I’d be delighted to incorporate them in our work or make an introduction for you to work with them. Of course, you may reach out directly but I do hope you will let them know I recommended them.

Mindful Boston

Mindful Boston is a community meditation studio providing meditation classes live and in-person to the Greater Boston area. Gena Bean, the founder of Mindful Boston, focuses on the format of mindfulness that she learned at the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness. She and her teachers offer courses in The Basic Mechanics of Meditation, MBSR Intensives, and MBSR teacher training, as well as free community meditation nights. Present Source serves as the workplace program provider for Mindful Boston. Website: Mindful Boston


iRewardHealth is a brand new way for employers to encourage healthy habits in their employees. This app offers participants cash rewards in real-time for completing wellness behaviors. iRewardHealth’s proprietary algorithm tracks each employee’s baseline, progress, and patterns, ensuring a customized experience for every individual user. We are proud to partner with iRewardHealth, based here with us in Boston, to foster wellness at work. Website: iRewardHealth


NutriSavings is an employee benefit that encourages participants and their families to eat healthy foods. To accomplish this, NutriSavings has created an ecosystem of retailers, grocers, food manufactures, and farmers, along with employers and health plans that pool resources to educate and incentivize employees to eat healthier. Website: NutriSavings

Tom Rausch

As a culture change consultant, Tom helps executive leaders engage the hearts and minds of their people in pursuit of their shared mission, vision & values. As executive leadership coaches, we help senior leaders and their teams build unprecedented levels of senior team cohesion & teamwork. Website: Leadership Beyond Limits

As the developer of the Coach2Lead leadership coaching program, we help transform managers into leaders through our high-performance coaching training program. Here is the flyer. Here is a sample of the Coach2Lead Program – with lots of food for thought and action!

Susan Alexander

Susan Alexander is a certified ontological coach – her practice is grounded in the distinctions of “who you are being” that life is showing up the way that it is. Susan is committed to her clients seeing themselves, their circumstances, and their life through a new lens – one that empowers and enlivens them. She works with individuals and organizations to help them discover what’s important and consistent with their values to create new possibilities that are aligned with their unique gifts and purpose. With this new possibility, clients create action plans to fulfill their goals. Website: Rosebud Coaching and Consulting

Alice Greene

America’s healthy lifestyle coach.  Alice works with individuals to resolve the mental and emotional challenges that get in the way of healthy food choices, regular exercising, and self-care. Website: Feel Your Personal Best

Bradford Glass

Life coach inspired by nature and its beauty and wisdom. Brad’s purpose is to inspire a transformation in how we see and think – about ourselves, others, life, work, and the world – by challenging the unconscious, life-limiting thought patterns that pervade our society, and by offering ideas, practices, and support for living a thriving, sustainable future. Website: The Road Not Taken

Carol Pelletier Radford

An education consultant recently transitioning from the position of Project SUCCESS Program Director, a Massachusetts statewide hybrid mentor “train the trainer” leadership program. Carol is actively engaged in using video to teach and communicate with mentors and their new teachers. She is a passionate advocate for teacher leadership and the inclusion of student voices in classroom practice. She has written four books and has many e-books and videos on teacher mentoring. Website: Mentoring in Action

Diane Kovanda

A holistic health practitioner and educator, Diane has been practicing hatha yoga for over 25 years. She is the founder and director of training at Kind Yoga School. The curriculum at Kind Yoga School is based in Hatha Yoga with a focus on ahimsa and karuna, which cultivates profound respect and compassion for the self and others. Website: Kind Yoga

Diane, along with Chuck and Tracy Peterson, is also the co-founder of The Calm Warrior Training Inc. providing criminal justice professionals with stress reduction and decompression tactics. Website: Calm Warrior