Client Testimonials

“Jen’s approach was very non-judgmental and she was able to connect to my real life challenges with a realistic approach. I found our session enlightening and she provided useful tools to help remind us to stay grounded as we navigate a multitude of daily stressors.”

– Amanda c., Scientist, Biotech Equipment

“This mindfulness session taught me so much about being present and aware. It has provided me with useful tools to make mindfulness part of my daily life even in the most stressful situations. Thank you!”

T. Masters, Non-profit for Higher Education

“The practice in personal mindfulness and stress management was great- I immediately started incorporating the skills into my routine the very next day!”
– Kira H., Marketing Manager, Biotech

“Julie and the team at Present Source put on an awesome “Lunch and Learn” event that provided a great introduction to mindfulness and meditation in the workplace context. The planning process was extremely smooth and collaborative and the session itself was engaging and tailored to our company’s specific needs. I would recommend working with Present Source if you are interested in promoting mindfulness in your workplace.”
– Business Development Lead, Internet Marketing Firm

“The sessions that I attended provided a great introduction to mindfulness, as well as useful reminders for more experienced practitioners! Sessions were customized to cover topics of interest for our group, and the facilitator was very personable and engaging. I would definitely recommend Present Source!”
– Heather S., Health Resources in Action

“Carissa, our session designer and presenter was amazing! She listened to us and offered wonderful suggestions throughout the entire process of setting up our session for our all-staff retreat. Day of, she beautifully weaved together the science, art, and reality of mindfulness into a relatable session for our entire team! After the session, many of our team members expressed how useful and interesting the session was. Many were inspired to try to incorporate one of the many tools learned in the session into their daily work-life. THANK YOU!”
– Keely S., Executive Coordinator, Third Sector Capital

“I found the time with Present Source not only informative, but the emotional and mental reset that I needed to remind myself of the importance of mindfulness at work as well as my day-to-day life.”
– Jessica U., Project Management Coop, Third Sector Capital

“Every workforce can benefit from learning mindfulness practices that will help them perform at their optimal level and unleash their full potential. Present Source has taught me techniques to refocus my attention throughout the day for an overall more focused, relaxed, and productive work day – and life!”
– Anonymous, Third Sector Capital

“Our first experience with Lindsey at Present Source was excellent! Our ad agency had previously hosted a similar mindfulness workshop which wasn’t so successful, but the response to today’s session has been great. Everyone left feeling invigorated and inspired. Lindsey was so well prepared, easy to work with, and knowledgeable. We’ll absolutely host another session in the future.”
– Brianna L., Relationship Supervisor, Marketing Agency

“Our mindful guide, Lindsey, brought new meaning to the definition of mindfulness. While I had an inkling about what it meant or what it meant to me, I gained a new perspective, ideas and practices that I’m excited to translate to my life!”
– Lauren M., Marketing Agency

“I greatly appreciated this workshop. It allowed me to re-ignite my mindfulness practices. I really appreciated all of the suggestions on how to apply simple mindfulness practices in your daily routine. I think that is likely most people’s greatest challenge, and it’s amazing how simple some practices are and what a big difference they can make on your overall outlook. Also, I loved our instructor! She had a peaceful and safe aura, which I think helps create a great space for others (especially newcomers) to explore freely. I would highly recommend this workshop to any and all!”
– Kelsey D., Project Manager, Small Army

“Our group truly enjoyed feeling the space around us at the end of our day. It’s quite amazing how your environment can change once you open your mind to new details that can only be found in mindfulness exercises. Thank you for this experience and for the education.”

– Julia W., Sales Representative, Medical Technologies Firm

“I was looking for something different to add to our robust wellness program and found Present Source. They agreed to come to our office to provide lunch and learn type seminars to our employees and they are also invited to our annual Open Enrollment benefits fairs. They are always very well received by our employees. The sessions are informative, useful for every day use and our employees look forward to them. The handouts are useful for after they leave, as well as for the employees who were unable to attend. Julie and Carissa are inspirational, enthusiastic and very committed to mindfulness!”
– Jean B., Senior Benefits Analyst, Senior Whole Health

An amazing experience! Felt at peace and in control. Still feeling the effects days later!”
– Finance Associate, Digital Communications Firm

“I enjoyed the day! I truly believe in being able to practice my breathing and refocusing at work creates a healthier environment. It was encouraging to know that my employer believes in the same concept.”
– Lizabeth T., Energy Assistant, Quincy Community Action Programs

“I try to brush up on my meditation and “self mind-control” every few weeks/month if possible. Leah and Lindsey provided a wonderful refresher for intermediate levels, while also bringing beginners or first-timers up to speed. Whether you’re very familiar or just starting to figure out your relationship to yourself I’d certainly check out Present Source.”
– Mitch G., Head of Partnerships, Residential Company

“Julie led our group into mindfulness activities of breath and body scan. This was an amazing and releasing experience for us. It made us realize that we need to be better at taking care of ourselves.”
– Family Physician, Primary Care Medical Group

“Julie Fraser of Present Source presented a 3-part introduction to Mindfulness in the Workplace in our office for fitness month. The majority of the attendees had not practiced mindfulness on a regular basis or not at all & Julie lead us through some really interesting and thought provoking sessions. By the end of the 3rd session all of the participants understood the practice and most are continuing to use at least one of Julie’s techniques on a daily basis. Julie’s instructions and attitudes about mindfulness were presented in a professional and forward thinking way. I would highly recommend Present Source and Julie to even the most skeptical non-practitioner.”
– Anonymous, Law Firm

“Mindfulness is an important technique to keep our mind focused and in peace. I love the mindfulness workshops.”

– Anonymous, Biotech Equipment Provider

“Julie was great in leading my team through mindfulness exercises. It was really helpful to have an outside source come in and help us through breathing exercises, because we really needed them! I will definitely be using these mindfulness exercises for my next presentation!”
– User Experience Designer, Web Design Firm

“The curriculum presented to my students was well developed, tailored to my audience, and resourceful both in the short term and long term. So glad to have worked with this organization.”
– Jewel C., University Program Manager

“Mindfulness meditation makes meditation accessible to everyone, even those of us who thought we could never meditate. I was one such person and now I meditate daily and it has made a huge difference.”
– Kim L., Behavioral Health Specialist

“Great program, really opened up my eyes to how important being mindful in my everyday life is! Would recommend again!”
– Undergraduate Student, University

“This was more than a generic “this is how you meditate session”. She tailored it to our specific profession’s lifestyle and stresses which was helpful. She also introduced different ways to meditate and gave practical advice we can follow.”
– Consultant, Real Estate Firm

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