Appreciation and Gratitude

February 2020

Love as an Energy Source

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Feeling love as an energy source can be renewing. Kobe Bryant saw his love for his work drove him to excellence. We can do the same. Don't just work stone, build a cathedral. Be aware of your love at work and be energized by it.

January 2020

November 2019

Giving Thanks at Work

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Giving thanks at work can boost productivity and retention, as well as position leaders. It is the action related to gratitude and has proven benefits.

3 Simple Ways to Work Mental Health-Boosting Self-Care into Your Schedule

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Self-care is essential to health, not a luxury - so exercise, get out in nature, eat right, and reduce stress in the workplace. Include gratitude and calm breaks with mindfulness.

August 2019

Conscious Decision-making

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No matter the outcome, you can enjoy and feel good about conscious decision-making. Skills for conscious decision-making include centering, framing, discernment, self-awareness and acceptance. ID 146892127 © Roman Samborskyi | Feel into this: You made an important decision, and [...]

New Metrics Part 2: Personal Performance Metrics from Kindergarten

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Measuring personal performance can be elementary. It rests on 6 skills you needed to succeed in kindergarten.

June 2019

March 2019

Appreciating the Everyday, Every Workday

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Appreciating the everyday things, people and situations to have better wellbeing, engagement and success at work. Image: ID 118664504 © Weedezign | Have you ever been so frustrated you were ready to smash your computer at work? Most of [...]

February 2019

Generating Love at Work

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Feeling love at work is great for you and for others - so radiate love! Image: Shane Lahue Ponder this today on Valentine’s Day: Who do you love at work? Ideally you are at the top of the list. Love [...]

January 2019

Your Contribution Matters, Like Bees in a Hive

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Your contribution matters, even if it seems small like a bee's to bit of honey it makes to help feed its entire hive. Photo ID 48803060 © Adrianam13 | Your contribution matters, even if it feels like [...]