February 2020

Love as an Energy Source

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Feeling love as an energy source can be renewing. Kobe Bryant saw his love for his work drove him to excellence. We can do the same. Don't just work stone, build a cathedral. Be aware of your love at work and be energized by it.

September 2019

Getting Beyond Your Biases

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We must get beyond our biases. Cognitive biases mean we don't always see others - or situations - they are leading to incorrect decisions and processes. Can you even detect your biases? Most likely not. Cognitive (or thought) bias is [...]

August 2019

Laugh at Work – Here’s Why and How

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Laugh at work to generate greater cameraderie, lighten the mood, and gain health, status and communication benefits. ID 149280987 © Fizkes | Dreamstime.com When’s the last time you had a good laugh at work? Ideally very recently. And if not, [...]

New Metrics Part 2: Personal Performance Metrics from Kindergarten

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Measuring personal performance can be elementary. It rests on 6 skills you needed to succeed in kindergarten.

April 2019

Why be a Mindful Leader

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Mindful leaders show qualities that make them and those they lead more effective and loved. Great news is that practice with curiosity and compassion to oneself is a great foundation. Image: ID 94997010 © Mast3r | Dreamstime.com More and more [...]

March 2019

Appreciating the Everyday, Every Workday

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Appreciating the everyday things, people and situations to have better wellbeing, engagement and success at work. Image: ID 118664504 © Weedezign | Dreamstime.com Have you ever been so frustrated you were ready to smash your computer at work? Most of [...]

December 2018

Embracing End-of-Year Demands

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Can you embrace all of the demands on you at the end of the year? Feeling, purpose and choice are key. Image ID 109964088 © Nuthawut Somsuk | Dreamstime.com Can you embrace the holiday and end-of-year demands that [...]

Making Your Commute Mindful

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According to a 2017 survey by the US Census Bureau, the average American spends 26.9 minutes commuting to work. For many of us, that becomes 4.5 hours per week of scrolling through Instagram, rerunning frustrations of the day and wallowing [...]

July 2018