February 2020

Love as an Energy Source

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Feeling love as an energy source can be renewing. Kobe Bryant saw his love for his work drove him to excellence. We can do the same. Don't just work stone, build a cathedral. Be aware of your love at work and be energized by it.

November 2019

Giving Thanks at Work

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Giving thanks at work can boost productivity and retention, as well as position leaders. It is the action related to gratitude and has proven benefits.

August 2019

Conscious Decision-making

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No matter the outcome, you can enjoy and feel good about conscious decision-making. Skills for conscious decision-making include centering, framing, discernment, self-awareness and acceptance. ID 146892127 © Roman Samborskyi | Dreamstime.com Feel into this: You made an important decision, and [...]

July 2019

New Metrics Part 1: Organizational Performance

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Do your organization's performance metrics help everyone act toward your purpose? Mindful evaluation may well lead to new metrics on one or many teams.

March 2019

January 2019

Your Contribution Matters, Like Bees in a Hive

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Your contribution matters, even if it seems small like a bee's to bit of honey it makes to help feed its entire hive. Photo ID 48803060 © Adrianam13 | Dreamstime.com Your contribution matters, even if it feels like [...]

December 2018

Mindful of Your Unique Intelligence

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Being mindful of your unique blend of intelligence can improve workplace success. Photo: ID 131402934 © Gstockstudio1 | Dreamstime.com What is your unique intelligence? Even if you did not have an easy time at school, you are probably [...]

Embracing End-of-Year Demands

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Can you embrace all of the demands on you at the end of the year? Feeling, purpose and choice are key. Image ID 109964088 © Nuthawut Somsuk | Dreamstime.com Can you embrace the holiday and end-of-year demands that [...]

September 2018

Labor Day: Choose to Celebrate Your Way

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Labor takes many forms - and we have choices about how to view it and how to celebrate ourselves as workers. Photo: ID 75620583 © Samrat35 | Dreamstime.com Is labor or work the opposite of fun? Let’s hope [...]

July 2018