The power of interconnectedness is stronger than we often realize. Businesspeople are connected.
The power of interconnectedness is stronger than we often realize. Every day who we are being (not just what we are doing) affects thousands of others, and they affect us. Be conscious to use the power of interconnectedness wisely.
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Today the power of interconnectedness is very obvious. The rapid spread of the Coronavirus across the globe is proof that everyone is connected to everyone else. It’s clear that each of us is responsible for keeping other people healthy. (This simulation is a compelling way to see the impact.)

Yet this is always true. Pandemic or no. We each connect with dozens of other people every day at our job, in places where others work or meet, and at home. So how we are impacts how those around us are.

It’s All Interconnected

Everyone and everything is interconnected. Each person is only here because of our parents and ancestors and those who grew food and made sure we had clean water to drink, clothing and shelter. We are connected to thousands of others. In both directions. At some level it’s obvious, and yet in our Western culture that values individuals so much, we sometimes ignore that fact.

Perhaps one lesson from this global pandemic is to recognize and honor our interdependence and the power of interconnectedness. Another learning is the power and responsibility each of us has individually as a result of that interconnection.

Our individual consciousness matters, and we can learn to be more consciously attuned to who we are being. The Quantum physics’ observer effect concurs with traditional belief systems on this point.

The observer effect states that observing, or directing consciousness, changes the outcomes of what’s measured or observed as reality. There are many interpretations of this. One is that there is power in our consciousness and its interconnectedness with what it notices.

The Power is Strong

Can we, in these challenging and disquieting times, make a difference? If we quiet our mind, do we have the power to change the energy around us with our own conscious effort?

From my personal experience I can say, a qualified yes. When I practice mindfulness and simply observe what’s true in each moment, I feel calmer and more at peace. And when I’m more at peace, those around me seem to find peace more easily (though it’s certainly no guarantee.) The power in each person to accept what is, and be their best at that moment is strong.

Another tidbit from modern science is that distance is not an obstacle to the power of energy on others. Non-local biological events happen through quantum entanglement. (Read more about the science of your energetic intelligence in Quantum Keys by Athena Melchizedek.) This means we affect not just those in our home or office, but potentially anywhere in the world. Now that’s powerful!

Power of Interconnectedness

We are powerful energetic beings who are interconnected with others in ways we can scarcely imagine. Yet it is real. We are interconnected and you affect others.

Everyone knows that at work, what you do impacts outcomes. But perhaps how you ARE also does. Knowing that your energy impacts others, try some experiments during this unusual time:

  • In the zone: Take a moment to remember and really feel into a moment when you were performing your best. Breathe in that energy of being balanced, powerful, inspirational and the best person you can be. Do all you can to stay in or come back to the feeling of the zone.
  • Curious: Go into encounters with compassionate curiosity to understand where the other person or people are coming from and what they really need.
  • Boundaries: Know your own boundaries and pull back as needed. Here’s a great article on dealing with toxic people; Thanks Travis Bradberry and Forbes.
  • Just like me: Notice the interconnectedness and similarity among everyone in a situation. You can even think to yourself: Just like me, this person is seeking safety, acceptance, fulfillment and respect. Just like me, this person brings a range of empowering and hurtful experiences that influence their views.” And so on…
  • Intentions: Take a moment to explore each person’s intention and their perception of your purpose at the start of a meeting or decision process. Even if you don’t fully harmonize a purpose, you are likely to find that just being heard and taking their view into account helps.

Try these and let me know how it goes. As you sit alone or in a group( even if it’s virtual), you have the power. And you can choose how to use the power of interconnectedness.