Love as energy source is powerful, even at work. Cupid pulling back the bow to unleash his arrow is an apt symbol.
Love as an energy source is powerful, even at work. Allow the momentum of love and passion energize you to excellence as it did Kobe Bryant.
Image Source: © Gunter Hofer dreamstime_m_322350 London statue

Consider what gives you energy and what saps your energy. Take a moment to feel into that. Can you perceive love as an energy source?

There are plenty of things that typically give people energy. Feeling competitive, purposeful or even stressed are common. But what about feeling love? Can love be an energy source?

For me, it’s very energizing. Feeling that I’m loved generates a stable, expansive energy. It can allow me to relax. I find feeling love for someone, something or a situation energizing too. The upwelling of love is known to allow people to do things they could not otherwise do, like lifting a car to rescue a child. Or be happy at work.

Love as energy source at work

Can you bring that same energy of love into your workplace? We’ve talked before about acknowledging love in the workplace. Something as simple as telling someone “I love the work we do” Or “I love working with you” can enliven both you and your co-worker.

Most likely, there are people and situations at work that you love already. Yet the act of acknowledging and noticing that love within you – or within others toward you – unlocks the power of that energy. Mindfulness, or bringing everyday realities into conscious awareness, is peaceful, yet energizing.

In fact, Conscious Company’s article on love at work points out that love is a feeling of connectedness, compassion, and openheartedness. Does that sound wonderful, but also a bit vulnerable? Maybe it is.

Cupid’s arrow

Last week was Valentine’s Day, with images of cupid drawing back the bow to unleash an arrow. Speeding from one heart to another, the arrow carries love energy and connects people.

Cupid’s arrow has strong energy to spread love. It whizzes along with great momentum. It can pierce, or open, the heart.

To me, passion, that very strong form of love, feels like an arrow. Passion tends to pull you toward what you love.

Whether you feel passion or whether it’s lower-key appreciation or gratitude flavor of love, love can energize. When I feel this arrow of love, other feelings and thoughts fade into the background. I am surrounded by the expansive energy of love.

Love leads to excellence

Kobe Bryant’s death has brought forth an outpouring of love for him. And interestingly, his greatness as a basketball player came from his love of his work. In this video of him called “Love What You Do” he talks about his passion for basketball as well as the peace he found in playing.

His love of basketball led him to be really outstanding at his job. This passion led him to practice as much as possible. He says to become the best, “You can’t leave any stone unturned.”

To get more practice with being in a space of love, I don’t recommend working all the time… Rather to get more practice in being your best self. Whether that’s mindfulness meditation for you or reviewing what you’d have liked to do or say differently at the end of each day… practice is key to having this energy you want.

Love what you do

It’s easy to love what you do when you are doing what you love like Kobe did. Yet, many of us do not feel so passionate about our work. In fact, rather than love the work they do, some people really dislike their work and their workplace, and even many of their co-workers.

So what is the remedy? Re-frame it. Find the love, find the joy in whatever it is you are doing.

The story of the two stone carvers doing the same job is indicative. One complains about the monotonous, hot and very hard work of building a stone wall. The other loves it, as he is building a cathedral. For the second carver, his work was a sacred opportunity.

They are doing the same thing, it’s all about having a different perspective. Can you see the sacred in your work? Can you love what you’re doing?

If so, you can draw energy from that purpose. Whether it’s a shared mission with your company, your team, or just your own honing of yourself and your capabilities… there is something to love.

Now can you see love as an energy source? I hope so, because love is an endless renewable and renewing energy source.