Happiness in the Workplace

Can you be happy at work? Absolutely!

Sometimes, our culture tells us that work and life are separate, and that work has to be unpleasant. At Present Source, we believe in bringing our whole selves to our work and creating environments where people can flourish.

We have compiled a list of tips and ideas for cultivating a happy workplace environment, including acts of kindness, gratitude, and charity. Use the link on the right to download it! You may also want to check out our 5 Simple Ways to Create Environments Where People Can Flourish.

Another way to foster happiness at work is to use the skills of mindfulness. Mindfulness allows us to see situations clearly, without the layers of judgment we usually apply. It can help us to reframe, choose our responses, and find gratitude in each situation. You can read more in-depth about these concepts on the blog:

If you would like to bring mindfulness into your workplace, request a free consultation. We would be so happy to work with you.

The Month of Happiness in the Workplace

March 20th is the International Day of Happiness. Inspired by LiveHappy, Present Source celebrates the entire month of March as the Month of Happiness in the Workplace. We hope you will join us and consider committing to happiness in your workplace during March! You can try out some of the tips from our document to the right, or get creative with your own ideas.

Click below to listen to a recording from our live guided audio meditation on the International Day of Happiness 2017.