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We at Present Source believe in creating workplace environments where everyone can flourish. To support this endeavor, we have compiled a variety of resources we have created ourselves or found helpful from others. If you have thoughts on these resources, or suggestions for what we could add, contact us! We would love to hear your thoughts.

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Interested in even more content about wellness at work and at home? Check out our blog, where we offer practical tips and heartfelt reflections on how to flourish.

5 Simple Ways to Create an Environment Where People Can Flourish  

Give yourself and your team a more fulfilling workplace… Are you energized and fully engaged at work? Are your co-workers? Take a moment to estimate how many people in your workplace would say they are engaged, fulfilled and feel they can grow and be creative at work?  Note: We also offer a workshop on this! Learn more >>

3 Key Skills of Mindfulness for the Workplace

We hear frequently from clients that their main challenges at work are distraction, stress, and information overwhelm. Fortunately, mindfulness is proven to support focus, calm, and clarity! This one-page PDF gives a brief overview of how mindfulness training can provide tools for success and peace at work. Learn more >>

Proven Benefits of Mindfulness

 The research is clear: mindfulness practice transforms people and workplaces. This paper highlights some key research studies demonstrating the value of mindfulness practice for stress management, decision-making, productivity, employee engagement and more. Learn more >>

Mindfulness Impact on the Brain

 Neuroplasticity is the ability of our brains to change over time, and one way they do that is through mindfulness study and practice. This paper reviews some of the research about physical changes found in scientific research studies of those who have learned mindfulness and others. Several research studies are cited. Learn more >>

Communication for Collaboration

In today’s world, things change so rapidly that what we know from past experience is suspect. This creates a constant stream of situational analysis, trouble-shooting, problem-solving, and new initiatives. This paper provides a framework for more effective communication in work environments. Note: We also offer a workshop on this! Learn more >>

Happiness in the Workplace

Happiness at work is not a myth! We believe you can cultivate happiness by taking small steps to create a positive environment and using mindfulness to refresh and reframe. We have compiled lists of tips for both. Learn more >>

Happiness at Work Meditation

You can also click below to hear a recording of the live audio meditation from the Day of Happiness, led by Present Source Director Julie Fraser.

Coach2Lead Performance Coaching

A powerful approach to leadership that encourages professional and career development – and relieves the leader by empowering team members to think in more open ways to come to their own best solutions to problems. Includes learning sessions, fieldwork, additional reading, videos and resources plus practice with one or more coaching buddies. Note: Julie is a certified Coach2Lead facilitator. Learn more >>

The Collaborative Organization

Most organizations are hierarchical, but there is another way to operate that is collaborative. People work best when it is in their best interests and that of the group – but we are not typically taught how to do that. Learn how to be a collaborative leader, no matter your role. This introductory paper is from The Collaborative Operating System which Julie has taken and recommends to all clients. Download the PDF by clicking here.

Have the Life you Want – TEDx Talk

Julie had the amazing opportunity to present a TEDx talk a few years back. It includes a very brief meditation on what you want as well as ideas for how to leverage what you know from your workplace to have greater success in all aspects of your life. In my case, I know manufacturing best practices and illustrate how they apply.

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